Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Stormy Night


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 11-29-2022

We got going finally on a cool day after being lazy for an extra while to let the outside warm up a bit. Then we went on a brisk mosey around without any real plan but to just keep walking until we got someplace. Then start back to the Castle at a brisk pace again and see what happens along the way. We got lucky in that the weather warmed to a nice brisk walking temperature and we got a few nice pictures along the way.

That picture of the golf course next to our first mile or so of path walking certainly got the OFM spirits up for being here in this area. Until near dark the day was this pretty all day until the storms hit just about dark.

In the mean time we kept on walking because this was the nastiest part of the whole walk. 

And when that is the worst part of a walk you have it made for sure.

Farther along we saw Mr. Theo and his fishing buddy setting up for some more catfish catching.

As you can see the lake is over three feet low for the winter. But those fellows are part of the reason the lake is low from all the fish they catch and save.

The storms hit about 1630 with loud thunder, moderate but steady rain and weather safety warnings about possible tornadoes. We were not worried about the tornadoes, we were hungry.

The OFM looked in the refrigerator for possibilities for supper and what did he see--- left over pork chop cubes from last night AND fresh egg. Scramble a couple of eggs and just before they are totally cooked stir in the pork cubes and a couple of spices. Grab a couple of large tortillas. Put a MOUND of egg and pork on the tortilla and roll it up snugly. Now there is no way for any food to escape. YUMMY that was good. Repeat. The OFM was not ready to quit but his tummy had already busted his belt so he did.

Clean up took a few minutes and it was drugs time. The eyes got watered with drugs to help them heal properly.

The blog entry was completed and then we went back to work on the newest coloring in progress. By sleeping time tonight we be the OFM will be sawing logs with the best of them getting ready for trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you didn't have any bad storms. I am assuming you had some hot sauce on your egg/pork taco. Even if not, sounds good.