Day Before A Special Tomorrow


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-11-2022

Good grief this month is flying by. This morning was another beautiful day for walking and the OFM got in 3 miles of comfortable walking. No pictures were taken due to him forgetting to put the memory card back in the camera. In reality it was fine because there was not much change from yesterday in the scenery.

The OFM is focused on the Doctor visit tomorrow and getting busy with the eye corrections work. We have been on the Internet a lot trying to see what time frame is ahead of us. We can expect up to 8 weeks of healiing time from the date of surgery. Then we get to order glasses which could take another week. So no matter what we will be here in the start of December at a minimum. So the lesson here is to be more careful and do not get hurt.

Nothing extra special happened today but it proved to be a decent day for general happiness. The OFM did get a burst of do something and grabbed a colored pencil or three and went to work on our latest painting. Keep in mind folks that the OFM normally does not create the main drawing starting sketch. But we do all the coloring and usually a big chunk of preferential additional sketching or sometimes removing parts of the original coloring book design. So if you pickup a copy of the adult coloring book we started with, you will not find the exact picture structure we create in our effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Oh I have been starting drawings for over thirty years just cannot seem to learn to do it well enough to use them.