Stupid Mistake


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 10-14-2022

A big mile of news tonight. The OFM screwed up on the mileage for one of the loops we take frequently. Yep we have been paying the price for measuring the loop at 2.4 miles. We carefully remeasured the loop this morning at the urging of another walker. Guess what, it is 3.8 miles in reality. We have no idea how we made the error but it certainly is a big one in our book.

Speaking of walking locations, there is an almost nice park on Flint Creek that we used to go to. It has had a remodeling but they still do not have any restroom facilities of any sort there. So it is off our recommended list since it is next to a major highway from the Interstate into Decatur. Porta cans would do just fine in general but they need something. Here is a picture of the fishing bridge that leads across a part of Flint Creek to a nice walking trail loop.

On the trail this morning we made 4.2 miles but at a slower pace than usual due to OFM aches and pains in his joints. We still walk but do it very carefully so we do not cause more damage to his OLD BODY.

A nice event was that the Watcher was back on its post near the trail.

It is a peaceable bird that lets folks take it picture from the shore that is about 8 feet from its perch on the old tree. No other shore birds let the OFM get near that close.

The OFM has some more antics with the colored pencils in progress but they are definitely not ready for viewing.

Now a question for ya'll. Some campers here consider this supper to be a major yuk for nutrition. What is your opinion?

Potato diced, bell pepper large chips, chopped green onion and sliced carrot chunks stir fried in scant olive oil. Then two large eggs scrambled in the same olive oil for flavor. Then a healthy squirt of sweet red sauce for a topping when served. Beverage was water tonight. It seems a reasonable supper to me. Comments?

The OFM is being pretty careful about his motivating around the area in Sierra or on foot since his sight is less than the best. No night driving at all. But we will be glad to have decent sight again for running around and trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Supper sounds just fine to me. That Great Blue Heron is mighty friendly!

    1. I think folks have been feeding it from the small beach there.

  2. Take that stir fried mix and roll it up in a flour tortilla? Just a thought.

  3. The stir fry could easily be breakfast. Sounds yummy.

  4. Barney my opinion of the meal is that it is well balanced with low carb and higher carb vegetables (potatoes and carrots) as well as protein in the eggs. Fruits and dairy could be added to either that meal or other meals during the day. Keep healing and the best of luck with the cataract surgeries.