Morning Sun


No Leaks

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-1-2020

A repeat of yesterdays nasty weather was our fortune today. So today was a piddle around day. Several laps of the inside of the Walmart made the old body feel good.  Lunch at Whataburger talking with a couple of friends was a nice event. Then it was back to the Castle to work on drawing. The OFM picked up a leaf in the yard at the campsite. He worked on it for two hours and it was terrible.

So he decided to try out some art stuff on the back of some ruined paper. He worked out with watercolor pencils of three different brands. When it was all over with, he called it a rousing success to find out he cannot handle any of the three brands of water color pencils decently. So they have been stored out of the way for future decisions.

Now it is still work on learning to draw well time. So as long as this miserable weather keeps on he will be practicing drawing. At least the learning is fun and the Castle is not showing any leaks in the current rain storms.

Not having trailer leaks comes very near to having tooooo much fun we think.

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