Tourist Visits

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-18-2020
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The fishing was fine this morning. The catching was two very small speckled trout. But the tourist visiting was wonderful. The OFM met many nice area visitors while not catching fish.  The conversations were fun.

If you were outside today, it could be guaranteed that slapping mosquitoes would be a big part of your activities.

The Castle received some exciting cleaning action. (Did that fool just call cleaning the house exciting? ??) Any way it was a gentle day of occasional sprinkles and some sunshine. The package we are waiting for is now scheduled to arrive Tuesday of next week. After that arrival we plan on getting some Castle wheels rolling that afternoon if possible.

An so we finally arrived at supper time and the OFM idea of what to stir fry tonight. He took a recently cooked pork chop and cut it into half inch cubes. Then sliced up a small yellow crookneck. The bell pepper was chopped into large chunks. The spice added was freshly cracked black pepper. Into the pot and stir fried to perfection.

Good grief that was good, especially with some BBQ sauce drizzled on it. It certainly made eating it get real close to having tooooo much fun.

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