New Cooking Toys

Adventure Location:Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-20-2020
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A pretty good chill was in the air this morning so the OFM Teams stayed inside until late morning. Then the day became gorgeous and nicely cool.

Since we are in get ready to roll mode, the OFM made up list for any “travel” items we wanted to acquire before we roll out into nowhere land.

Our current bed cover came with Comfort Castle 15 years ago. My darling D-I-L modified it to fit the OFM customizing of the mattress. The cover is showing its age and starting to unravel. We have been looking for one we like for over a year. Today we found a Good Housekeeping beach towel that we liked and was close to the right size. It came home with us and is now the main bed cover.

While we were having fun in the Home section of Walmart the OFM decided to buy a 3 quart pot to replace one of our two 2 quart pots. The 3 quart pot will also handle a steamer strainer we have been wanting for some time now. The new toys look right happy sitting on the couch in the Castle.

After the purchases were stored and the excess pot taken to the free table, we all headed to the beach park for some sunshine and exercise.

At the beach park the OFM did his reps on the ramp without any trouble at all, not even a small slowdown. That was a surprise and a wonderful development. Then he made a lap of the big parking lot “at speed” and kept on going to cover more parts of the area until the mosquitoes started to be a trouble.

Several pictures of critters were taken and are now part of our arsenal of critter pictures for reference when drawing.

While doing all that stuff above a nice sail boat came along in the Allegro Channel heading out for fun. It was such a nice day I bet they get in a great day sail.

When we returned to the Castle, it was automatic that the new pot had to show its abilities in cooking a big pot of stoup. In this case it was small sausage stoup. Several meals are now in the new refrigerator awaiting being a meal.

Tomorrow is planned to be a recheck day and prepare everything for rolling Wednesday, IF the package we are waiting on comes in.
We found out yesterday the Teams are ready for some rolling time to help us have tooooo much fun.

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