The "Beach"

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-27-2020
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The OFM Teams glorious leader declared that it was time to report on the picnic area of the park and off we went. It is down at the end of the park next to the Federal Dam property. With the lake so far down it was a new adventure for off road driving for Sierra. We took it very slow and careful to make sure Sierra received no more damage than some desert pin striping. The exposed lake bottom is now called a beach.

Sierra went all the way to the softer ground near the water before it let the OFM out to take pictures. The OFM stood next to the lake and took this picture looking back to the picnic area. The base of the tree/brush line up the hill is the “normal” full lake line.  As you can see the water is a smidgen  down. In fact when BillyBob and the OFM terrorized the bass many years ago, the water was about halfway up the hill.

Then the OFM went inland behind Sierra to get a picture of Sierra looking out over the lake. The lake portion in view is all USA water and land. From here Falcon Lake runs about fifty miles up the Rio Grande.

Next we got a picture of the “beach” that is down from the picnic area. It is big enough to handle some pretty big crowds. We plan to get in some fishing time in the near future so see what mayhem we can create.

And to top off the evening we made the 30 minute run into Roma for an exploration trip and a WHATABURGER. It was delicious.  We will likely go to the grocery across from the Whataburger when we need more food. Since shopping takes lots of energy, we will need to stop at Whataburger before going to the store.

Here is the last painting that the OFM has been working on. It is done in colored pencil, Prismacolor to be exact, using alcohol as the blending solution. At least the OFM had a lot of fun wasting another sheet of art paper.

Four Grapes

Now we need to figure out what to do tomorrow for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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