Beach Fun With Grock

Adventure Location: Shrimpboat Channel, 
Aransas Pass, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-10-2020
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A few days ago Grock told the Teams in the morning meeting that he wanted to go to the shore and see new things. We checked the weather and thought that was a good idea for the day. Sierra was prepared and we all hopped on board and headed out.

We got to Aransas Pass and turned left on highway 361. Then it was over the high bridge going over the Intracoastal Highway and a few more miles alongside the Shrimpboat Channel. At Lighthouse Lakes Park Sierra pulled in and found us a place to park close to the beach. That keeps Grock’s very short legs from getting so worn out.

The OFM lead the parade of Team members down to the water to search for items of interest. 

The first thing Grock spotted was a clam shell with a live clam in it.

They are normally in the deeper water so it was a special event to find one at the waters edge. Grock was fascinated and wanted to get closer until the clam opened the shell like a big mouth and quickly closed it. Grock screamed it tried to bite me. LETS GO.

So we headed back up near the vegetation line to head on down the beach. Grock saw the yellow/green succulent growing in the sand and had the OFM put him down near it to get a close look.

  Grock asked does it bite.  OFM replied nope it just sits there and blows in the wind. And Grock was happy.

We moved on down the beach and the OFM spotted a small crab and called Grock over to see the Ghost Crab. It was dead and Grock was happy it could not pinch him. 

Grock still did not look very long before his nervous voice asked us to move on down the beach.

We soon found an orange shell on the sand. We do not see many of them here. The OFM told Grock it was a empty shell half and Grock was in no danger.  Grock spent a good while checking out that shell.

We stood around for a little bit just looking at the scenery until we heard the vegetation getting crunched. we look around quickly to see what it was.  

There was Grock laid up on the red/green succulent vegetation resting. He said he was comfortable and would rest there while the Teams do a little more exploring.

  When the Teams got back Grock said it was ready to head for home. Grock was worn out from trying to have tooooo much fun.

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