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Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-10-2020
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An interestingly different walk at Memorial Park it was today. The OFM made the 1.6 mile loop just fine but the camera took some sort of different pictures.

Right after Sierra had us parked in the parking lot the OFM suddenly remembered where he had seen that old massive log that resides in the children’s play area.

It had washed up on the Rockport Beach a long time ago. When it was taken from the water, it lay in the beach park for a good while. To the best of the OFM’s remaining bit of memory, it was moved to another park or place for a good while.  Then when the Memorial park had a nice face lift, the log was moved to the present location. It is very successful at its job of giving kids a great place to climb and mess around upon.

The OFM was walking well and taking lots of pictures. He believes in you can always throw a photo away but you cannot always go back to take the photo later. So as we were doing some high speed meandering  something caught his attention so out came the camera. Then the photos were edited a bit to fit the blog format. Here they are for your enjoyment.

From there we enjoyed a nice pace of walking until we got to the picnic tables by the rest room at the parking lot. The OFM paused and pulled out the Camera.  He messed with the settings for a bit and then flopped down on the pavement as only he can do. KERSPLAT like soft mashed potatoes.

A couple or three or four pictures were taken. We could not tell what he was shooting.  Finally he put the camera away and pulled himself back to upright. He said the table had some interesting fungi under the table top but on the side of a board holding the table top up. It did turn out to make a pretty neat photo we think.

And then the walk was finished. And if you have not figured out what the two pictures of round things are of a couple of paragraphs earlier, they are tops of the white guard posts that separate the walkway from the driveway to the back parking lot.

One thing about the OFM, his fertile imagination can make a day in the park quite an exercise in trying to have tooooo much fun.

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