A Definite OOOPSIE

Adventure Location: Aransas Pass and Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-9-2020
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The massive rampaging began early and ran late in the area today. Tonight you get a very interesting picture to “enjoy”.  One of the harbors in the area has a small railroad crossing hump in it. It is a pretty sharp hump that needs to be carefully negotiated when crossing it.

The area was just fine as we entered and went rampaging the boat ramp and piers areas. After carefully examining a lot of junk we decided to head to a new place. So we piled into Sierra and excitedly headed out. As we neared the RR Crossing the OFM noticed a truck and boat sort of parked a little out into the road. Hmmmm?

When we got close enough the OFM saw a long curving gouge in the road surface heading to the parked vehicles. Then a little closer and the trouble was evident and pitiful. 


Our guess is the driver hit the hump with his weak trailer tongue too fast and the saltwater eaten trailer finally failed.  At least the trailer stayed with the truck and did not go running amuck to tear up a lot more stuff. We think that might have been plenty of excitement for a few days for the OFM Teams.

Tonight was time to fix something for eating so the OFM started rolling things out of the pantry cabinet.

a can of no salt added whole kernel corn
a can of no salt added pinto beans
a can of low salt chili w/o beans
some celery ( since that was available) chopped
BBQ sauce
a cup and a half of pre cooked rice

Slop carefully in the pot. Splatter around. Add a little water if needed. Simmer 20 minutes.

Cut the fire off and let it blend the flavors on its own. Put three meals worth in individual containers and put in the freezer. Over a handful of no salt crackers in a bowl pour a healthy portion of the stoup and enjoy it.


What a fine way to finish a day of lots of running around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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