Zapata Fun

Adventure Location: Zapata, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-26-2020
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The OFM Teams decided that it was time to explore Zapata Texas since we had not been there in many years.  So as lunch time neared, Sierra took us on this adventure. It is about 33 miles to Zapata from the Castle’s location. The road was welcoming and the traffic very light as in two vehicles in the whole 33 miles.

We rolled on through Zapata checking out the changes we could remember and looking for things of interest. There was a huge pile of new interesting things we saw just on the main highway north\south.  Then there it was a restaurant we had had good food at in the years past.

 As we whizzzed past, the OFM told Sierra there it was. Sierra made a wild sliding turn and went into the parking lot sideways. Sierra aimed at a parking spot and we slid in with 3/16 inch to spare.

Inside it was still the same. A table was chosen and the waitress quickly grabbed the drink order.  The OFM zoomed through the menu and chose his lunch item. The he carefully took a small nibble of a delicious chip with what turned out to be fresh still burning lava on it.  That was the end of the salsa for the OFM. WOW.

The order came out in reasonable time and looked great. The chicken tacos were the best he has had in a long time. The rice was fresh and the refried beans definitely had not been sitting around for long.  An excellent meal all around. Drive out including 20% tip for the fantastic service was about $11.

As we were leaving the OFM wondered out loud how he was going to fit through the wide open double doors. It was a tight fit but Sierra saw him coming and whimpered at the sight of that load. As the OFM climbed into the seat of Sierra the frame of Sierra bent down about three inches. Sierra let out a groan that could be heard all the way to Mexico City.

Sierra valiantly carried the Teams onward to more adventure.  There were bright flowers blooming all over town. 

The OFM remembered it is mid winter time now. He glanced at the outside temperature  read out on Sierra’s dash and WOW check that out.

We like those winter temps. Don’t you? We meandered around looking at RV Parks and checking prices. Here is the first place we checked and they were pretty reasonable on their prices.

While we were messing around looking at RV Parks we also noticed that there were a huge amount of citrus fruit trees producing. Nearly every third house has at least one fruit tree. We did not get close enough to be sure these were grapefruit or large oranges but either would be delicious.

During all this looking around, we also checked on lake access for the well down lake. There was plenty of room for shore access and boat launching. This next picture was taken from the county boat launch parking lot.

By now it was getting time to head back.  Sierra agreed and turned toward home. For the thirty miles back to the Castle it was a lot more traffic. The best the OFM can recall it was about eight vehicles on the road for the trip back.

With all the neat things we saw and all the services available in town, especially the several good restaurants, Zapata needs to be considered for our next winter stay. Sure is a lot of stuff in the area for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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