Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


A Little Excitement

Adventure Location: Falcon Lake State Park, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-24-2020

What a wonderful night for sleeping!  It is dead quiet around here about sundown. WOW it was a great nights sleep. In fact the OFM was so rested he spent a lot of the day walking or hiking according to your preferred definition. 

Anyway the camera has gotten a serious work out and lots of pictures are awaiting their turn to be reviewed.

The OFM chose instead of reviewing pictures to prepare to paint another picture. So the rest time between the four hikes was wasted on art effort preparation.

There was one thing that happened that was interesting. We are located about 1.4 miles from the Mexico border and 2.4 miles from the nearest Mexico land. At night you can see the lights on houses and cars.

The OFM Hiking Team was out for an exercise hike through some of the not developed trails to the back of the state park. Not developed trails are basically deer and coyote paths through the brush.

We followed one down through the area that used to be under Falcon Lake to the waters edge/beach. We were taking pictures of the shells and contorted tree parts and generally enjoying the quiet with no one in sight.

Suddenly from across the lake was several rifle shots, followed quickly by a few bursts of automic rifle fire. By the time that ended the M-60 machine guns started to talk (as we called it in Viet NAM) and that all continued for a short few minutes. It was the first time to hear that sort of action since August 1970 in Nam. But it was over quickly and the quiet in our area quickly took over again. We have no way of knowing if it was just a training event or a criminal event. The OFM is definitely glad it did not involve him again.

Gunfights are never a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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