Cleaning Table

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-31-2020
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A cool overcast day was our fate. A bit of wind now and then and not much excitement around us. The OFM did a couple of walks and a drive around just for fun.  A little more cabinet cleaning out was very successful. we gained about another 2 feet of empty cabinets.

During one walk the OFM made his way over to the boat ramp. That is a very steep long ramp with the lake 30 feet down. Here is a picture from the top.

When he got to the bottom he suddenly realized it was a long uphill to get back to the top.

That ramp is 108 feet longer going back up as you can see. 

While the OFM was hanging around the top landing getting his breathing and heart rate back to proper, he decided to take a picture of the fish cleaning building. It is well done and heavily used. 

 It smelled of fresh large mouth bass fillets when we stepped inside. A nice facility like this makes cleaning your catch much more enjoyable.
Next it was about a half mile walk back to the Castle. 

And that was the big excitement of a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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