9 Balls Bonus

Adventure Location: Sinton, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-14-2020
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Fog and more FOG greeted the Teams this morning. Where will we go for exercise and fun was the question. A meandering down to the harbor netted us a picture of this fuzzy post. 

 WOW that was exciting wasn’t it.

So a Team meeting was called. If And But and Maybe had no ideas so the OFM said head for Sinton and the nice city park. Sierra rolled out in the fog and followed its radiator onward to Sinton. The fog soon was replaced by bright sun, mostly clear skies and warm dry temperatures. Sierra was soon telling us  it was this temp outside.

The nice drive brought into the golf course area of the park. The golf course was looking really nice and inviting.

The OFM headed out for a great long walk around the main park and campground areas.  As a nice bonus he managed to corral 9 basically new golf balls from the area of the park near the golf course fence into his pocket.

What does the OFM need with golf balls you could ask. He has decided he gave up golf to easily. After months of thought he thinks that he should actually find a way to play some kind of golf since he likes pounding golf balls so much.  So now he has a new QUEST for the Teams to help him put into action. Hang on for the future gory details when they happen!

On the way back to Sierra we stumbled across this crepe myrtle with a very interesting trunk. Apparently this is a crepe myrtle with lots of historical experiences. Check out this trunk of many stories.

Finally it was time for lunch and Sinton has a really nice Whataburger with staff with really nice smiles. Those big smiles are a nice feature. The late lunch worked well for the Teams to leisurely roll back to the Castle.

The road back is a nice back-road with farm fields for scenery. Here is a picture of the road only about 6 miles from the bay front. That next few miles has major scenery changes from farmland to saltwater marshes.

Rockport was still a foggy mess. Sierra took the OFM to visit some friends.  We had a great visit that came close to having tooooo much fun.

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