Odd Truck Location

Adventure Location: Falcon SP, Texas
Adventure Date: 1-29-2020
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We had no idea why the red pickup was parked behind a shade shelter in the tent area, much less why it was there most of the day yesterday. After the red truck was gone Sierra had to go sniffing around to see “What’s up?”

As luck would have it Sierra found a trail leading into the old lake bottom forest.  So this morning the OFM walked over to that place and headed out into the unknown territory formerly flooded by Falcon Lake for a few decades. The adventure begins here.

From the way the trail meanders it must have been an old deer trail for starters.  Now more critters use the trail but the only human foot prints we found was yesterdays adventurer. 

We meandered along the moderately defined path through the trees for a few minutes and suddenly the trees stopped and a view of the lake assaulted our vision.

As the trail exited the trees it faded into the sticker infested grass clumps covering the old lake bottom. The OFM used his years of experience at meandering silly places to chose a path down to the “beach” for us. A stop was made to get a picture of the beach and the old tree parts scattered around the area.  

Isn’t that water pretty? Well the OFM guessed rather well about where the hiker from yesterday would likely have walked. When we got to the sand and mud there was the fresh human tracks in the mud.

The OFM noticed a single bird in the area and it flew to a dead limb way out in the lake to watch the Teams mess around on the beach. The OFM set the camera at the electronic zoom of 20 power and tried to get a shot. If you can recognize the bird from this fuzzy shot, please leave the identification in a comment for us.

Here on the shore were a lot of well weathered tree remains. We know for sure they were under water for a long time. Most likely they have been water washed until everything that could be washed away was gone. Now the desert wind and sand is getting its chance to weather the wood some more.  It reminded us of looking at fingerprints. Each one had different swirls and squiggles to make it unique. This is only one of them. We took about ten pictures and chose this one to display.

It was time to head back to Sierra but there was no trail to be seen.

This will be interesting the OFM thought. So what happened? We don’t know because we are still out there looking for a way back to Sierra so we can report this adventure of trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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