Labor Day Preparations All Over The Campground


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 1, 2023

Good Evening. It was another wonderful coolish walking day but the OFM body was recalcitrant so we took it a bit easy and spent a few moments now and then searching for new header pictures hidden in the foliage around us. A few months ago we started an effort to have a new header picture on the blog at the start of each month and so far the OFM has been able to produce a new one with no real trouble.

When we were near the fishing bridge we caught a picture we thought was nice so it went into the header pic bin to wait its turn. Usually the bridge has enough folks on it that we skip getting a picture but today was scarce for folks on the trail or in the campground until after lunch and now the crowds are here.

The campground has been getting ready for the Labor Day Crowds. A golf cart decorating contest was announced and usually in the past a lot of folks decorated their carts and roamed the campground. It is a nice time. We will attempt to get a few pics of the decorations.

We will hit the grocery early in the morning to stock up to stay away from the crowds that usually happen starting near lunch time. The OFM has plans to be a home body during all the free-for-all fun around us.

While we were messing around at the fishing bridge we grabbed a few pictures of some floating leaves. This one is pretty neat and we are thinking “new painting” as we worked the picture over with the computer paint program.

It might be interesting to see how it turns out if the OFM tries it. No promises from over here OK.

Time to get busy resting to be ready for all the kid activities happening all around us for the next couple of days. The short term camping section went from nearly empty to totally full of campers with at least 37 screaming and giggling happy kids per site while the teams went for lunch.

Every one relax and enjoy the trying to have tooooo much fun around you.

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