Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Gentle Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 20, 2023

Another very beautiful day in this area. But not much happened so it was a bit of a lazy but productive day.

We took the walk on the path next to the golf course and around to the other end of the gravel hike and bike trail we usually walk in the morning. To our surprise the number of folks on the trail this morning was less than ten for sure. Below is the normal view for nearly all of the 2.2 miles. The golf course to the right of the pic below had very few folks on it either.

It was a nice cool walk all the way. Back home we did a bit of straightening up and started on coloring using new techniques we have learned about and need to practice. It went ok but definitely needs more careful practice.

We think this was about the total excitement for the day but the restfulness was welcome. So we are well rested if we get a chance at having tooooo much fun.

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