Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Grand Kidding Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 2, 2023

Good Evening. It was another wonderful coolish walking day but the OFM hopped out of bed and prepped for a GRAND DAY OF GRAND KIDDING. We got rolling to their house on time and from then until we got back to the Castle it was full time fun of one sort or another.

One of the fun things was a new to the OFM BBQ place we went for lunch. Jim and Nicks BBQ in Huntsville was good food and they have several types of meat and catfish for your pleasure including brisket. And when the waitress asked the OFM if he wanted it trimmed or leave the fat running through the meat the OFM knew he was in the right place. And he was. YUMMITY YUM YUM.

Then it was back to the house and more enjoying living. A wonderful day it was.

Back at the Castle in late afternoon the OFM found out he was tired but not sleepy. He just needed to rest for a bit and a bit and a bit more. Finally after supper tonight he was fairly rested so he worked up this blog entry. And now it is time to put in some real resting time to be ready for whatever comes our way tomorrow.