Painting or Coloring


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 27, 2023

As usual nothing went as planned today but things happened and we had some fun and some work. Overall a great day weather wise again.

Last is first tonight. The OFM just returned from a nice Mexican type of supper at Mi Hacienda restaurant near the campground. Once again we had basically a stir fry with a Mexican name. It was several vegetables like onion and bell pepper and others with strips of beef, chicken and several nice size shrimp and was cooked just about perfect for the OFM preferences. A hint of spicy but not strong as requested. They can be a bit to spicy for the OFM at this place. The OFM hogged out and nothing came back with us in a take home box.

The walk this morning was started with the OFM not feeling just right and a few hundred feet down the trail we took a shorter route around the old ice skating rink etc. and looped back to the Caste after only about a mile and a half. Back inside the OFM rested a bit and decided he needed more horizontal time to recuperate some more. So a timer was set for an hour and the OFM assumed the horizontal on the bed. He never came close to hearing the timer bell and stayed totally passed out for a bit over an hour and a half. The good news is that the rest of the day he has felt fine and has actually been productive in several ways.

One productive way was hitting up two Walmart stores and doing a food resupply for the Castle and crew. Now we have food for a few days at the tip of our fix it fingers.

No new pictures were found today but we do have a nice painting to show tonight. But to mention some confusion on what our adult coloring book work is called. Since we do not generate most of the image we color but do modify the original in the book to suit our ideas, we at one time called them paintings. Then we thought the effort should actually be called a coloring and started using that term for what the OFM Team does. Now we have read where some of the art contests and displays in the country has started labeling what we do as paintings the same as if the colorist had generated the outlines we fill in and/or modify. We have chosen to continue to refer to our art effort as colorings. We feel this shows proper respect for the effort the image artist's efforts but at the same time respects the colorists contribution to the total effort. We hope this gives acceptable respect to each part of the art effort. Please feel free to politely comment on your feelings on this subject. We would like to hear what others think.

And speaking of colorings, here is a new one for your pleasure, whether it is hysterical laughter or hey this is a neat coloring or ??????

Please enjoy Big Yellow Flower.

With this big full tummy we have helping us, we plan on soon starting a very nice nights sleep to attempt to be ready for a full day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Big Yellow Flower is great. I agree about calling them colorings. Though it does seem nit picky....Just does seem like some of the credit should go to the person who drew it. You draw very well. I wonder why you don't do more and then do the coloring. Ah well. Coloring is interesting! And so nicely done in today's work.

    1. Actually I draw fairly well for individual items but have never taken time from other things to learn to decently compose and have things shown really right. Actually I very recently purchased a sketch book for 5x7 pics to use during short down time events to begin practicing again. I have a few scenes roughed in that I like the concept well but not the execution yet. There is just so many things to do that are fun that I cannot understand folks saying they have nothing to do especially if they have retired or as I did just plain quit working.

    2. Oh good. You haven't given up drawing then. (I'm one to talk about not quitting. I haven't painted in 3 months. I do think about it. Just can't think WHAT to do.)

  2. Maybe they need a different term for what it is you do. I like your smearing around of the colors you've applied. I think your backgrounds are great. Nice blending and a gradient of color from top to bottom. The flowers are nice, too. You enjoy it, that's what counts. I do see improvement as you keep at it. Thanks for showing us, OFM.