Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


A Snippet Today

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 5, 2023

The OFM remembered the drinking water this morning and WOW did we ever need it. We still got in about three miles but the hot humid still conditions put a stop to any hurrying. Meandering our way back to the Castle by 0940.

Then we spent most of the day inside either cleaning or working on a new painting. We are using water color pencils for this work. Our water brushes are our way of smearing the paint around and work well after we bothered to get on the Internet and learn how to manipulate them correctly

We thought we should leave a small clue as to the new painting so here is a snippet from the painting to help you guess what in the world is that?

We did hit up a store once today but it was hot enough that we mostly stayed inside in the AC and worked on learning how to use water color pencils correctly.

Everyone have fun tomorrow. We intend to do a bang up job of it ourselves. 

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