Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 8, 2023

First the walk report. It went very well. Here is a pic of the trail today with the nice early fall temperatures.

The spectacular news is that the one hole loosening on the OFM belt left us with no pains at all in either hip. We even made better time today without strain at all so we are calling that error corrected and over.

The walk itself was a continuing nice picture opportunity the whole way out and back. Here is one pic we did take of a heron hunting back in the area of some downed vegetation. That bird can hold more still that a concrete post. They are amazing to watch as they wait for food to be just right before they waste and energy going for it.

So now the OFM is meandering along on the path next to the vegetation. Then suddenly he sees two large snakes about two feet from him all tangled up.

When the OFM finally calms down and looks again it is just two tree vines enter tangled. Sometime his imagination is his own down-falling. Pitiful when he cannot tell a tree vine from a snake.

At another spot the bush there has a small limb that cannot seem to tell what season it is. It has a limb with leaves to cover all the seasons of the year. See for your self.

Which Season Today

We have finished another coloring. We want to let it rest for a day or two to see if the OFM still thinks he is finished with it. The outline that was printed in the adult coloring book was not oriented just right to the finished coloring and we want to consider other options for it right at this time.

In the mean time everyone rest well for trying to have tooooo much fun this weekend. 

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