Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Dangerous Cliff

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 13, 2023

As usual we went for a walk and it was a nice walk in cool air with a bit of a breeze. A slightly different route just for the heck of it and it turned out to be 2.3 miles. The first part of the walk was at a very brisk pace. Then shortly after the turn back point we found a nice bench and relaxed for about five minutes. Then the rest of the walk was a speedy but not quite as fast as the first part. When we finished at the Castle the Teams were not near as pooped as normal and we were only five minutes longer in the time required. We feel we are onto something very good. The heart rate was slightly elevated and the respiration rate settled back down in about five minutes. Best of all none of the OFM joints gave any trouble today.

We did see a cute event on the trail this morning. There is a lady that walks a large tan water dog of some sort and a small malamute colored dog of about 14 pounds is all. They run off lease and ignore all people on the trail even if they are requested to visit for a head scratching. Nice lady and pups they are.

Today they were at a trail junction with three ways to continue onward. The small dog was busy dogging around in the low cut brush as its owner headed on down the trail section A.

About two minutes the pup came out of the brush to no owner or other dog around. It looked at the three different trail, stopped and thought a minute then headed licky split down trail C. ZOOM and it was gone. The OFM stuck around for a minute and decided to try to catch the owner on down the trail and tell her about the lost dog.

Just as the OFM started to head on out, here comes old lickity split back from the wrong trail and stopped to sniff for a for a few seconds and ZOOM it was gone on the correct trail. A few minutes late we saw the whole group together about a quarter mile down the correct trail. That was fun to see happen since it came out just fine.

Today was a bit of shopping for nothing in particular and a long lunch with my lunch friend at Burger King. He is a yard sale fan and brings things he buys in for the OFM to see and discuss with him. After a two hour lunch with him we split up and the OFM went home and labored heavily on his latest coloring effort and finished it.

So here for your giggles and enjoyment is DANGEROUS CLIFF.

Tomorrow is lunch with Granddaughter Piper and then who knows what.

We wish we had more accurate time on the Castle's upcoming repair/maintenance work so we could start planning some new adventures for our future. Lately the OFM has been itching for some of the desert fun available in the Elephant Butte area of New Mexico again. It has been several years since we messed around in that area. But we guess we will find out about all this soon enough. Then we will get busy working hard at trying to have tooooo much fun.


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