Wise Decision For A Change


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 17, 2023

Let us just follow the OFM for a few minutes this evening. He got out of bed doing OK and went about his breakfast and getting ready for the morning walk. Proper clothes were put on and every thing seemed ready for a nice walk. Out the door into nice cool weather with no chance of rain. Down the campground road we went and then out onto the trails area. A left turn to go alongside the soccer field for the 100000th time and away we went. Then as we joined the gravel trail he stopped suddenly and stood there for a minute. Then he made one of the wisest decision he has ever made in his life. I just do not feel right but I cannot put a finger on what or why but I an not going to push it today. And we turned around and headed the half mile back to the Castle. We never did figure out what was wrong but things did not feel right until after lunch.

Just as suddenly around 1300 the OFM suddenly was feeling just right again and the rest of the day went very well. Who Knows, not us. The rest of the day has been very nice.

This morning the replacement art supplies arrived to replace a lot of worn down colored pencils including a new pencil sharpener that captures the shavings from the pencils. It will make things easier for coloring on site in the future. We think that may be in our near adventures. It used to be fun several years ago and we will be trying it out again.

At lunch my friend Jerry brought the OFM something he picked up in his yard sale adventures. We told he needs to write a blog about all his yard sale adventures. Any way it is a head band device that has magnifying lenses built in like the old time jewelry and watch maintenance folks used to wear to see the little details of stuff.

We are trying it out for coloring and so far it really helps. 

While trying out the new eyes we managed to nearly finish three colorings we had been working on. It is not for sure a good answer to the OFM's trouble seeing up close but it seems close to doing the job. It sure was nice of him to think of us while he was out shopping.

Hopefully the OFM will get the three colorings finished out tomorrow so we can start showing them. I like them but not everyone likes mountain scenes.

We are looking forward to tomorrow being a better day so we can get in some decent exercise in the morning. Then we will be ready for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Always wise to listen to your body when it comes to having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy staying healthy.

    It's about time.