Stump Rabbits

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 7, 2023

It has been a day of events for sure. Let us start with the walking troubles. We did make the entire 3 mile loop but we had to sit and rest twice to give the hips a rest from the pains. Now for the big surprise. After sitting for a few minutes again the second time, the OFM shifted his water bottle to his right leg pocket from his left leg pocket where he has been carrying it for years. And for some reason he loosened his waist belt a notch. Surprise the hip pain all but disappeared. Must have been an irritated nerve from the belt being too tight is our guess but you can be sure that he will be paying close attention to details tomorrow.

This afternoon when he wanted a break from painting a new picture, the OFM dug out the yard blower and extension cord and gave the whole site a good cleaning as well as part of both neighbors. The tree leaves are beginning their autumn fall out with vigor already. They are likely weakened from the extra hot August we had.

This afternoon the OFM got busy with the new pot of stoup with the pork chop cubes. In went the cubes, corn kernels, white beans, Lawlers BBQ sauce, fresh onion and black pepper. When it was finished cooking the OFM filled four storage containers with a meal each for later enjoyment and then we had the fifth one for supper tonight. We have no idea why these stoup meals taste do good but we love them.

And now we get to finally see Stump Rabbits. This is the second time the OFM has done this scene. The first one was an all colored pencil set more in the middle of the day. This one is a colored pencil and water color pencil set in the evening. Both were a challenge and this one was a whole set of totally new experiences in shading, fading and color control. It definitely taught the OFM some new lessons in coloring artistic drawings

For certain there is very little boring about art efforts but they can be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


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