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Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 25, 2023

We got out for a walk today even though the OFM was not feeling good in his knees. So we took it a bit slower and more gently to make about two miles of gentle exercise and photo taking. As of tonight we have three files of about 25 pics each waiting for the OFM to get busy editing or discarding them and stored in the right files for future use. But we did have a HAPPY GREETER at the start and end of the walk. Say HI to smiley who greets each person entering or leaving the back route from the campground.

That gave the morning a good start. The day was very pretty and nice for a slower walk for a change.

For some reason the surface tension of the water in the creeks was a lot higher today. OFM how could you tell that? Well it was obvious when lots of leaves as in hundreds were floating on the surface of the sloughs and fingers from Flint Creek. That got us several neat pictures like this one.


It is doubtful the OFM can artistically create the shine on the water like that but it certainly is a pretty pic in our opinion.

In the afternoon we went over to Andys RV Repair to get the latest date we need to bring the Castle to them for the maintenance. After a bunch of hee hawing around, it turns out that they have lost most of their employees to much better paying jobs recently.

So what it means to the OFM is that he would have to wait until at least Christmas for the work to be done. NOPE not a good answer.

So we moseyed on home and did a lot of thinking. The OFM knows how to do the work needed and has experience doing the work that is needed so he will take his time and do the work like he has in all the past times on all his travel trailers, boat trailers etc. The OFM trouble is all the getting up from the ground and back down without causing too much joint pains. So we will be slow. Tomorrow we will be ordering the new water pump to replace the onboard pump. And then start on the brakes and bearings work. That should keep him busy for a few minutes at least.

It appears that we will soon be having some interesting events happening at this campsite as the OFM flops around on the ground getting us in rolling condition. We do not know how long this will take but it should be a lot less than until Christmas time. And NO this is not a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

But this is a nice area for walking and taking pictures of beautiful natural items.

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