Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


New Ideas On Exercise For Old Folks


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 11, 2023

Another busy day that was productive for a change. This morning the OFM was reading about older folks and exercise. They were referring to folks from 55 to 75. Well that lets the OFM out.

Then a few paragraphs later they swapped to age 76 to about 82 with some nice recommendations. Lots of explanations but here is the basics of it. Split tiresome exercise like fast walking into 2 or 3 sessions during the day. Research has shown that old folks like the OFM can get better results on 2-3 shorter sessions of exercise to arrive at a full days worth of exercise a day. Get the same exercise but split it into sessions so your slower recuperating body has a better chance to keep up with the exercising. That seems to agree with what the OFM saw during his year 76 but did not catch on at the time. Today we hit the trail with plans for starting to try that plan. So today the OFM started with a mile and a quarter and with a nice bench rest of about fifteen minutes and then headed back. That rest made a huge difference in the way the second half of that 2.5 mile walk wore on him. So now with that info it is time to go back to the information source and learn some more.

We stopped over at the RV repair place to see how we were doing on the waiting list. They lost a week a couple of weeks ago when the whole place came down sick. So now the schedule is for the Castle to get in for service in about four weeks. So it looks like it will be early October before the Castle will be up to perfect for rolling. At least we have a target month for the OFM to think about.

We have a picture we finished coloring of some sort of flower sort of like a Bird of Paradise flower. It took FOREVER to get the coloring done on it. The coloring is totally water color pencil which basically makes it a water color paint effort at coloring. We would like for our readers to give their opinions on this coloring be they bad or good and what they like or dislike. The OFM is not sure what he thinks about it.

Here is Mystery Flower for your enjoyment.

We do not put our art on display in the Castle in a permanent fashion. The Castle is way to small for all that paperwork. What we do is put them in a frame, sit it on the back of the dining bench and lean them against the wall. This way the three latest colorings are displayed. When a new one comes in the oldest one is unframed and put in a file box in a cabinet. This way all the colorings get displayed for a while and then stored out of harms way.

Here is what that looks like in real life.

And that is it for tonight. May everyone have a great day tomorrow of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hi Barney, it makes sense to break up the workouts and may see better results. After some time you can let us know how you feel about the new workout plan. Pic is cool I like the bright colors.

  2. Nice, OFM. I like the red parts. Looks like you spent some time on them. I missed that last picture on the right. Very nice.