Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


OFM Takes Things Into His Hands


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 26, 2023

We got out for a walk today before we made up our minds as to what we will do about the Castle situation for maintenance.

The walk was really nice but no pictures were taken since we could not keep the OFM mind on the scenery or other walk oriented items. His mind was locked on figuring out our possibilities with this situation.

After we got back to the Castle we remembered the picture we shot of the huge moon last night late. The moon was forcing its way through all the tree limbs just for us ordinary folks to enjoy its show.

That is a hand held shot with the little Canon camera we have. Pretty nice we think.

Back to the Castle situation. The OFM took things into his hands and grabbed the needed tools and some patience and went to work safely on checking the brakes and bearings needs.

After jacking up each wheel with the hydraulic jack we gave the wheel assembly a thorough going over and got a big surprise. We could not find anything requiring maintenance at this time. So assembly back to normal was done and it was time for the OFM to rest as in take a shower and nap. It was nice for sure.

Now tomorrow we plan to tackle the brake wiring to make sure it is all working well.

During this work today we found out that our tool box with the screwdrivers in it was missing from the rig. Now we wonder where we left that too box since the last time we used it and what else is missing.

We were well pleased with our old 2 ton hydraulic jack lifting the Castle easily again. That jack has been with us since back over 26 years ago.

Tomorrow we start on the water pump trouble and see what we can do about that. Our rent runs out October 14 and we need to figure whether to stay for more here or run for somewhere west of here. We have no plans at this time.

What we do have plans for is to relax some tonight and try to get rested for fighting with the pump and water lines in a highly restricted environment. We are pretty sure the pump system was mounted to the floor before the kitchen cabinets were installed around it with no thought to maintenance. One friend has suggested we take the kitchen from its spot so there is more area to work. So far that is not the best looking way to go but we will know more tomorrow.

In the meantime everyone get lots of rest so you will be in great shape for trying to have way tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. I know the feeling of losing stuff or misplacing things. It is a definite PIA when it happens. My prescription sunglasses disappeared after a bike ride last June. My friend remembers seeing them on top of my head as I was loading the bike into the car. We searched that small parking lot inch by inch and never could find them ... search the FJ just as much ... they like vanished. A week later, he is the same age as me, lost his spare car keys in a similar fashion ... car was sitting in his driveway, never to be found.

    1. And we likely will keep getting worse about it until---------------flat lining.

  2. Some years back I toured the Fleetwood factory in Iowa (almost to the MN border), that was a good tour! One of the things was they put all the stuff in the RV before they put the walls on!
    Good luck with the plumbing!

    1. Thank you Rob. I had forgotten that piece of important information from over twenty years ago when I learned about it. Now I need to take the time tomorrow to understand what I am up against.