What Is Next?


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 9, 2023

A rough sleep last night and a miserable morning time lead to no walk and back to bed to rest some more. The day was nice but something was not right with the OFM. We piddled around most of the day just feeling lousy and hoping we would do better pretty soon. By about 1500 this afternoon the OFM was doing much better with still no idea why the rough time today. But we will take it and walk with it. This evening we got going good enough to take a short slow walk around part of the Point Mallard park behind the campground. Here is a nice picture of part of the walk area we went into.

It is a very nice place to meander around before supper and just flat out relax.

When the mail finally came today we went down to the office and got our mail. In the mail was the last step to having the Castle being legal to roam the country again. The license tag we paid for three+ weeks ago arrived and was soon installed on the license plate.

Now all we are needing is for the major check/repair of the rolling gear of the Castle to be done. Monday we plan to check with Andy's repair shop to see what the backlog seems to be like now so we can begin serious thinking of the future for the Teams. The last we knew about it was late September/ early October as the time frame for our turn in the shop. Unless something is really bad wrong Andy feels that we will be in the shop less than a day for the usual check and repair including the water pump replacement of our onboard water system.

So things are happening but the backlog was huge. Sierra is fully ready for rolling as far as we know. Now we need to figure out if and where we would be interested in rolling to for a few months. Last fall we found out due to the OFM eye troubles that this area is very nice until just about Christmas. January and February are their actual cold weather time with chilly weather starting about Christmas and lasting until mid March.

That is about it for news. So everyone relax and sleep well tonight. We plan on it.


  1. It seems you are not alone in having a slow start to your day. Afternoon seems to be a better time for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy planning your route.

    It's about time.