Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Grand Parents Lunch Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 14, 2023

A very busy day today due to lunch at my grand daughter's school. Grand parents were invited to have lunch with the grand kid and the turn out was a mob of about 6 year old kids being loud and fun. It was wonderful but LOUD.

Any way we had a good time and a picture was received that has grandpa the OFM on the left, then grand daughter Piper in the center, then Grandma Mary on the right. It was a great fun time for us all and will be remembered.

The OFM ended up visiting folks here and there for most of the day and then grabbed a pork salad from Lawlers for supper. Now we have salad for tomorrow supper also. The OFM is worn and will be kicking back and resting as soon as this is published. He has to get ready for a big day of trying to have too much fun.


  1. She's so cute. Funny grandma and Piper both had black&white stripey shirts.
    Have a nice day today, OFM.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It was a noisy event for my bad hearing to survive.

  2. I feel your pain Barney. I'm getting so I don't like going to restaurants with other people, because most restaurants have so much background noise that I can't hear what the people I'm with are saying so I get left out of the conversation. it's a shame but the worse your hearing gets the more isolated you become.