Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Cool Morning


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: September 19, 2023

An incredibly beautiful day kept us entertained today. When we got outside the bright blue skies and pure white clouds were wonderful to experience for a change. When the cool air hit us as we exited the Castle a quick look at a thermometer let us know it was 56F and our shorts and T-shirt might not be enough clothes. But we headed out anyway and as we warmed up from the exercise and bright sunlight it proved that we were dressed correctly.

So off to our daily adventure we went. When we got to the shore line we were greeted with another wonderful picture.

And that is how the day has been. The OFM shot lots of pictures but apparently he had the shakes this morning and a lot of the pictures were fuzzy like he was wobbling but we still remember how pretty things were in our mind.

Since we were about an hour earlier than usual we caught several egrets hunting for their breakfast successfully. We only got two decent shots since the OFM was wobbly and the shots were long distance telephoto attempts. This one is a good example of the other shots we tried to get.

The foliage along the river/creek was in good form this morning also. Even the weeds made a nice picture along the trail.

There were about a dozen of those types of picture the OFM tried but his wobble was just too much. Later in the day he steadied up a lot but morning was when the light was so good.

And once again on the walk taking a few minutes rest about mid way of the 2.5 miles is making a huge difference in the OFM and how quickly he is ready to run and play after we get back to the Castle. Here is a nice picture of the wonderful Bench we generally use. The bench is facing Flint Creek

It was also a bit of a shopping by computer, mainly Amazon, for items we are considering if we get to go rolling soon. Then of course there is the items that catch our attention while scrolling through all the pictures and temptations. But surprise we spent about $25 is all in spite of the temptations that slammed us in the head during the shopping. The OFM is pretty good at remembering we only have 147 SF of space in the Castle.

We plan on being well rested in the morning to be able to enjoy another wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Kind of amazing isn't it. At 78, after a bit of doing, I'll think well, I just can't go on. But after 10-15 minutes of sitting down...sometimes longer than that....I can! Pains and fatigue lessen, and things can be done again. Good thing most of the stuff I do doesn't have a time limit!

  2. And I have given up on healing totally and hope to just keep on getting along pretty good.

  3. That weed picture is pretty good!