Wonderful Walking Weather


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 31, 2023

It was a very busy day today. This is what the beautiful day sky looked like this morning.

And it got better during the day. The 65F air temperature and nice breeze made the OFM want a long sleeve shirt after we had been walking for a while. The pace was brisk and he kept on going after we arrived at the planned turnaround distance marker. The OFM was really feeling good in the bright sunlight and cool environment. By the time we got him stopped and turned around we ended up with 3.5 miles total walk. In addition we got a few nice pictures we plan to be used for blog header pics in the future.

In addition here is the pretty white flowers we mentioned a day ago that were really covering the area.

If you know its name please tell us.

It seemed like every one that planned to leave after this September was wanting to have discussions on where to go and when to be there. So we got to hear a lot of opinions. The trouble for us is they all wanted to get advice or information about expensive places instead of remote boondocking locations. For example where is a great RV park in San Antonio Tex and what good restaurants and sights and things are there to do in San Antonio Texas? ( or Houston or Dallas or

EL Paso).

We do not know that sort of information. If it is a big city we try to stay away. So anyway it was a nice day to visit a bit and play with our colored pencils again.

We missed all the hurricane weather but the folks that did get it got smashed it looks like on the TV next door.

Everybody relax for the weekend and try to have tooooo much fun.

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