Paint Eraser


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 22, 2023

Good news from the morning “walk”. We got on down by the river in the medium warm morning with a nice breeze. Just as we made the first turn to head for the goal of the day of 2.5 miles The breeze quit and Flint Creek went totally flat mirror style and the heat jumped a bunch. The OFM chose to reduce pace and keep going. It was not a bad decision yet but by the next quarter mile he stopped in a shady spot and drank a big slug of water and decided we were going to head back to the Castle and the AC. This was a very wise decision because by the time we took the short cut to the Castle and got back it was really hot, dead calm and miserable. Back at the Castle, after we got cooled down, the OFM decided we would go ahead and give the new pad a good work out. We cleaned everything we could from belt buckle height on down. Why belt buckle and down?

Because the OFM found that he could not kneel down on the ceiling. Any way, the pad proved to be just the thing he has been needing to have for a few years to protect his body parts that hurt when pressed against the floor or other places like cabinet edges.

The day continued with cooking meals for putting in the freezer. It is nice to have good flavorful meals waiting for a microwave episode for when you need one.

The fill in activity of colored pencil efforts finished of the rest of the day. However we had a major realization to report tonight about our coloring effort. In colored pencil art a continuous trouble is to keep the lines that put down the color from staying separate lines and to get them blended together. Today we had time to really work with that trouble and found we had a good solution on hand already but we could not recall the name of it.
So this afternoon we went to Hobby Lobby where we bought our first set of PAINT ERASERS and purchased a spare set. They are rubber do hickeys mounted on wooden sticks that we use to rub the colored pencil line into a smooth color. They also help to blend color transitions into smooth transitions.

The rubber tips do not wear down like an eraser. They have stayed just like when we first started using them several month ago. They replace the twisted paper sticks that we had been using that are called tortillions. And they do a better job for us.

Here is the latest art effort in progress using the erasers for blending and smoothing.

Tonight we ate a third of the stuffed baked potato we purchased this afternoon. That leaves us two more meals ready to go whenever we get ready for one. Sleeping well should come easy after all the work done today. Tomorrow should be another great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Staying out of extreme heat and playing with Paint Erasers looks like a great way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your hobby.

    It's about time.