Morning Sun


New Guard Cat


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 27, 2023

The first thing we noticed when we stepped outside this morning is that the neighborhood guard cat was on duty. We do not know where it came from but it started showing up a couple of days ago just wandering the area. Now that we think about it, the old neighborhood cat has been missing for a few days. Hmmmm what is going on?

The weather was moderately cooler today so we attempted a good walk. It turned into a 2.5 mile walk that was nice with a bit of breeze the whole time for a change. We started from the back of the campground next to a drainage ditch that has vegetation in it fed by the runoff from the well maintained soccer field across the maintenance road from the ditch. We were hoping that we could crop the picture to make it a nice pic for our readers to enjoy.

When we got to a place the OFM body considered far enough we turned around and headed back on the golf course maintenance road.

It was nice ambling on it during our return trip to the Castle. The trees did a good job of keeping the strong sunlight off us walkers.

After showering to be presentable, we headed to the grocery store we forgot about yesterday. Shopping was good and we walked out of there with two small plastic bags of food with about $27 added to our credit card account. OUCH AGAIN.

We just could not pass up the discounted pork chop center cut meat today. So it is in the freezer relaxing for a while until the OFM decides what to fix them like. The OFM sure does like his cubed pork fixings.

We got a surprise when we opened the fridge door this evening and found a nice container of stoop of pork chop meat, rice, croutons, onions, and a bit of other tidbits just calling out to be supper. Wow it was good.

Oh We nearly forgot. Some more time was spent on planning an attempt at making our own image of some things we have seen recently instead of just doing coloring book coloring. We will be having more details on the effort in the near future we hope.

It was a nice day of moderated temperatures and we hope the predicted storms for tonight will not be bad ones. A good nights sleep would be wonderful before we have to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you up with in your art, good luck!

  2. Me too. The last time I did this was a total disaster I did not even mention on the blog.

  3. So glad to hear you are going to go with your own drawings. Don't give up after one fail!!! Or two. Or three. You know very well it takes practice. You just have such a fine color sense I hate to see you not use your other skills.Glad it was decent enough temp to have a good walk. Not possible here. Though I am set free and can drive a car now and walk without a walker!! Such a relief.

    1. Congratulations on meeting the milestones in the recovery process.