Morning Sun Coloring


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 11, 2023

Weather was not too hot early this morning so we hit the paths for some good exercise. It was a hike/bike path day and the nice breeze sure helped in the high humidity and warm air. We did a meandering style today just for the change of things. It worked out well until the last half mile back to the Castle. The nice breeze stopped dead still and the heat/humidity index when we got back to check it was 105F equivalent and the OFM was not doing well. It took a bit for the AC blowing on him for his recovery.

This caused the OFM to look up the climate records for this area and as it turns out on the average this week of August has the hottest days of the year each year. So we will be cutting back on the walking vigor for a few days and see how it goes. The weakness the OFM was feeling at the end of the walk stayed with him until after lunch.

We finished another coloring last night. It has the name of Morning Sun. It was a fun coloring that we tried several new techniques on and some worked nicely.

As the OFM recovered from the weakness he worked on fixing some stoop. Cubed pork shops, can of corn, can of BBQ Beans, brown rice, yellow onion, Italian Seasoning and a big dollop of Lawlers Sweet Red Sauce are the ingredients. Slow simmered on the stove top was the style.

We ended up with six meals of excellent pork chop stoop. One for supper tonight and five for the freezer to keep for another time a great meal is needed.

A new experience invite came in tonight. We have been notified of when and where grand daughter Piper will have a gymnastics competition if we choose to go. This Sunday is visit grandkid land for the OFM and we will have to get details about it to see if we can attend. It sounds pretty inviting but is a pretty good drive from here. We will see.

Now it is time to rest again so we can be ready for a FULL day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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