Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 18, 2023

Things around here are getting a bit dull on occasion so do not be surprised if the blog skips a day now and then because of nothing special happening. 

For those that have not caught on yet, the Castle is waiting on service before we can even begin to consider rolling. The back log at the only service place we trust is over two months backed up to do work. We got an approximate appointment time a few weeks that is in late September to early October.

Today was a special day out on the trail. We met three nice folks on the trail today. We got in 3 miles. Each person was ready to talk for a few minutes and each person was an interesting person to visit. We hope to see them again some day. Then while walking back into the campground we met a very nice lady putting out her trash for pickup and had about a thirty minute nice visit. Boy o boy meeting all those nice folks sure got the day started off right.

For those who have not seen them, ACT II microwave popcorn has come out with smaller bags of popcorn for snacks. They work out to be a great size for an old fat man to use for a snack.

We never found the larger bags to be really good for us as they were way to big and we never had luck storing already popped corn for eating in a day or two. This has worked out really well for this popcorn addict.

The OFM is still trying to get his days and nights straightened out. Today we did have to take a short nap in the afternoon, but we kept it short and had an alarm awaken us so we hope to sleep a normal night tonight.

Since we are so perfect in our day to day life, the OFM forgot to get out the chicken, cook it and prepare for supper tonight. OH my gosh we are in trouble now we thought. A quick look into the refrigerator spotted a serving of stoop sitting there waiting for us for supper tonight. Next to it was a container of spare cooked brown rice. Oh boy we got the rice into the stoop and put the microwave to work. About 1815 it was time for a nice meal for the evening. Stoop to the rescue. And now the OFM has a full belly to look up at when he is laying down in the bed. Maybe tomorrow will even be exciting since the weather is set to be warm and no rain when we are out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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