Kneeling Pad


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 21, 2023

Hot is the name of today again. The OFM managed to gt out of bed early enough to have breakfast eaten and be ready to hit the trail before it got really hot. We chose the path along Point Mallard Parkway, the road that goes past the golf course and brings folks to the campground. The walk has several turn around points and we chose to attempt to make the drainage culvert as our turnaround point if the sun heating lets us. Most of the a route has shade from trees along the golf course property. That would give us a 2 mile walk. We made it but not one foot farther.

We got one nice picture of the golf course hole 11. The OFM had stopped because a badly hit golf ball hit a tree near us and bounced against the fence next to us and back on to the course. That was about the most excitement for the day.

Historically according to weather information, this next week averages as the hottest week of the year for this area. Well the forecast is for highs of 98f to 100f for this week and weekly lows in the high 78f range the last time we checked. We will be hugging the AC.

When we went out to look for a kneeling pad so the OFM knees can clean the nooks and crannies of the Castle without making him even more lame than he is now, we got to the exit we once again got to see the last street light pole laying in the the road. That happened a few months ago too with the same street light. They were getting it re installed when we returned from shopping. OF course we had no camera when we passed by.

But we were very successful at Walmart and purchased a THICK kneeling pad that was on clearance. The size is 1 inch by 12 inches x 15 inches. This allows the OFM knees to kneel on the floor of the Castle to tight places we have in this 147 sf of wonderful mobile living space without being in pain.

When we tried it out the foam was just exactly right in firmness for our knees to be comfortable. That is all the excitement for today so far. We have such and exciting life we need to get our beauty rest so we can go nuts tomorrow trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That pad is good to know about. I already had a hard time with my knees on a hard surface (and now of course the added attraction of having had a broken knee cap) so that would be a good thing to have semi-handy. Looks like it was in the gardening department!

    1. Yes and was on clearance for $6. All the others I have tried out were too thin and soft so I could feel the concrete of the store floor through them.