Morning Sun


Almost Did Something Today


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 20, 2023

Hot is the name of today. The OFM awakened a bit later than normal and by the time we had breakfast it was too hot outside (heat index) for the OFM to be walking out there in the humid very calm conditions. So we checked the local Walmart with Google maps and determined that by making loops inside the store we could get in about a mile in three laps. That is a lot better than no laps at all. The rest of this week through next Sunday is expected to be hotter than today so we may see a lot of the inside of Walmart for the next week.

At the finish of the walking it was time to look for some new house cleaning supplies. We were partially successful and headed home. When we got Sierra unpacked and things put away we headed for a slightly early lunch. On the way home we stopped at the Little Walmart and they had the rest of our needed supplies. Back home the OFM decided a 30 minute nap was the most important item to get accomplished. He must have needed it because he set the half hour alarm and laid down. POOF he was out of it. When the alarm went off he hopped out of bed ready to get busy.

But the house cleaning got put aside until tomorrow. At least we know from the start in the morning it will be too hot outside and we can make the floor cleaning first after breakfast on the list of fun for tomorrow. And that is how a no nothing day can be handled with enough laziness. Now to rest up from all the efforts today so we can try to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Back when I lived in Minnesota there were mall walkers who walked in the winter.

    1. Back in Houston they mall walked in April to October because of the heat and humidity..

  2. We have started clearing clutter from our home. Amazing what I collected in 23 years in one home. We also have things from the Class A we sold in Feb that we hauled back and then many things from the Cabana we sold on 1 May. It drives me nuts to decide what to keep and what to let go. Going to see if I can stay in Alaska all Winter and not go crazy. We have enjoyed 12 years and 9 months without any job. Tom