Loud Little Girls


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 2, 2023

The OFM woke up to a slightly sore left knee for some reason. We treated it carefully all day and tonight it is not healed but definitely in better shape than this morning. No morning walk but a .9 mile trip to the dumpsters and back late evening went very well so we think it was a minor trouble. Since we had no morning walk we were able to get to the laundry room about one minute before three ladies with 5839 kids under five years old showed up to do their laundry. The OFM went ahead doing his like nothing was happening and an hour and a half later the laundry was done and put away back in the Castle. Then we kicked back a few minutes letting my ears have a quiet moment or four hundred to recuperate from the onslaught of the young girls. They were actually very nice and polite even though they only spoke in excessive loud high pitched “conversation”.

After lunch we hit Walmart for some ideas about a couple of things we are considering art wise. Yahoo we came up with a few ideas and will soon be demonstrating them for the blog. Maybe it will be fun.

My new glasses had the right lens fall out of them several times in the last few days, so we got some superglue while at Walmart and this afternoon put some on the lens/frame joints to get them to stay in place. This is fun when you are holding your close focus lens in your hand as you try to put glue on the rim of the lenses/frame. But we did manage to squeeze some glue out somewhere. Hopefully where it will do the job we need done.

And our last big effort today was to cook up two cups of brown rice. Earlier we looked into the current food supplies and decided we were getting close to a batch of stoop time. Pork chops in the freezer, canned corn, beans in the cabinet and fresh onions, celery and hmmmm I wonder at the store.

And one thing went very well, items we ordered last week that were supposed to get here today actually did get here today at mid afternoon. That was a big surprise to us.

With a little luck we will have a good walk tomorrow and get to spend some time working on some coloring projects we want to do during the hot part of the day. Then we have planned the second half of a big baked potato from Lawlers for supper. Yummy. That makes us want to get out and try to have tooooo much fun.

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