Storms Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 6, 2023

The day was varied for sure. During the walk this morning the OFM got a bit hot in the humid hot conditions and took it very carefully until he made it into the AC of the Castle. Then we messed around on the computer for an hour or so before it was shower time. The shower did the trick and he was back on track after that.

We went to the usual Burger King over by the Interstate Highway for lunch and ran into Jerry there and we told stories as we watched a wretched lightning storms roll into the area. It was some bad winds and heavy rains that moved through the area. When the storms dissipated some we both headed home.

On the way back to Point Mallard Sierra fought winds so strong we thought a couple of times we were going to be blown off the road. The four lane road goes through heavily wooded country side and had tree limbs of all sizes scattered on the highway that were not there when we went to lunch. Then as we turned in to the neighborhoods we could see several trees snapped off about ten feet up the trunk in the yards around there. And after the turn toward the campground there was a very large tree about 29 inch diameter snapped off about six feet up and the tree laying crossing the neighborhood street.

We finally made it back to the campground to see all sorts of debris flung all around in the area. Folks were out and around cleaning up the mess the weather left them. A quick check of the Castle showed we had no leaks which was wonderful. After a quick check at the office to find out no one had been hurt in the disruption and needed help we headed back to the Castle and a much needed nap. It seems to the OFM Teams members that this Tennessee River Valley gets a lot of strong property damaging storms each year.

Our little supper tonight was adequate and the OFM seems to be totally recovered from the slight over heat of the walk. So the plan for tomorrow is to give the OFM body an easy day when it comes to activity in the sun. We likely will head over to Hone Depot and see if we can find a better paint to use on the spray sealer we installed a couple of days ago. Then we will see what we can do about trying to have tooooo much fun.

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