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Gorilla Spray


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 5, 2023

Leaks once again had appeared during yesterdays rain storms so we had to get busy when the sun was shining this morning. First thing after a lot of research last night was to head to Walmart and get some special sealant we had researched about. Then when we got back the sun was bright and no rain forecast so we got busy on the culprit seam.

A vicious sink brush was put to work scrubbing the seam as clean as possible. The brush worked really well we were surprised to find out. In the course of cleaning the old caulk we found a split about three inches long right above where the leak showed inside the bedroom yesterday. It is good to know where the likely spot of leakage was for a change.

Working from the ladder was a challenge but the OFM felt safer on the ladder leaning over the roof than being on the roof leaning over the parking pad ten feet below.

The product we decided to try this time is a rubber spray compound we have heard from other folks is what they had that finally worked.

Cleaning the surface was the hard part. The spray from the can was easily controlled to our surprise. A double layup of the sealant was done as one layer each from opposite sides of the seam. The product seemed to do as advertised and really soak down into the irregularities of the surface.

Next was clean up of a couple of drips or droplets from off the OFM. We still have them so it must stick very well.

Then more search on the Internet brought up that the sealant is not resistant to UV light and lasts only 3-4 years unless painted to keep the sunlight off the sealant. Maybe that is why the can repeats itself several times that the product can be painted. Anyway we need to wait about a week for curing before we paint it to protect it from the sunlight.

After some rest and water ingestion we decided since we were already sweaty we might as well take a short walk in the shade and check out for storm damage. It was pretty warm so we knew it would not be a long walk and it was just 2 miles along Flint Creek the creek you can see in the header for the blog.

It turned out to be interesting since the storms had knocked around quite a few trees like this one that was snapped off about half way up.

And all along the trail was large puddles of water still flooding the area.

The evidence scoured into the walking path is that a good bit more water had come through scouring the path in several areas. But the path was still nicely usable and we did use it as well as several other folks.

The after walk shower was wonderful. Maybe we will do it again tomorrow after having tooooo much fun.

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