Log Guts Pics


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 4, 2023

A lot of lost sleep last night as the storms pounded us until early this morning. The OFM finally got to sleep for a few hours and then start the day. Of course it had to be a busy day also. We had a couple of minor leaks that were old caulk that the hard rain seemed to have worn them down a bit. So after the rain was gone for a while some new repairing of the caulk was done. Yep the 18 year old caulk was getting to cracked and hard probably from all the sun in our life.

Some Walmart shopping for food and other items took a bit of time today. The OFM was interested in getting a few more of his style of salads into his diet again. We found out that salads are not cheap any more. OUCH went the credit card when the salad parts rang up.

We really splurged and bought a two serving size of already cleaned and cut up fruits. For a late afternoon snack we had watermelon, cantaloupe, black grapes and a couple of other items. They were very good.

Here is a picture of supper being prepared. The radishes had great flavor today. This was a a very nice delicious salad tonight.

How about some left over pics from a couple of days ago?

Lets look inside some trees for a change of views. This log was lying by the trail and as we passed it the OFM noticed it was hollow and wondered what it looked like inside. He gets weird wonderings at times as all our readers know. It was too dark inside to look through it so the camera and flash came to the rescue. The log as it was lying by the trail.

The OFM got in close and stuck the camera a bit into the log and fired off a shot. And here is the answer to what the log looked like inside.

That was so exciting that about a mile down the trail we saw a tall stump leaning over and wondered about its insides also.


So we waded the tall grass over to look inside. It was too dark also. So on with the flash and get busy camera. We ended up taking three pics and here is the best one of the bunch.

It certainly was different wasn't it.

And that was the end of log interior exploring for the day.

And there you have it, big adventures of the OFM out in the woods trying to have tooooo much fun.

No major rain etc forecast for tonight and we hope the OFM gets some good rest so he will be ready to try having tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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