Morning Sun


Sweaty OFM


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: August 7, 2023

The day was busy and it is 2143 right now so a quick report and to bed for the OFM. The morning walk did make it to 2 miles but at the end of the walk the OFM body decided to quit sweating and that is a bad deal. We were not dehydrated for sure. We cut across to the closest way back to the Castle and got into the air conditioning to cool off. After a nice shower and a snack of assorted nuts that we have every morning for a snack the OFM was doing fine again and suffered no lasting effects of the happening.

However the day stayed busy with several things that will be detailed another day because it is bed time for the OFM and we need our rest to be ready for trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT.

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