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Cold Clear Morning

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 31, 2019

The morning was cold as in miserable cold at 43F. But the bad weather had moved on. The day became brighter and more beautiful as it progressed.

The bright sunshine made a great view of the fishing pier first thing this morning. How is this for a nice wakeup call?

Sure enough the OFM had to go out on the pier to check for fish. Sure enough the fish were there and hungry. This was the first fish at a barely legal 15 inches.

The next fish was another speckled trout that was very fat and 17 inches long. This one was very active as a fighter.

The flowers in the area are still blooming. This cold will slow them a little but they usually bloom to some extent all winter long. Keep in mind that today was 2 degrees F colder than the average low for the winter at 45 F. 

As the OFM was finishing a nice walk on his twisted left knee we came by some oleanders with blooms. The wind was whipping them around so it was tough to get a shot in focus. This one was close. 

Tonight the OFM is worn to a frazzle again. We are going to have to make him slow down a bit but he sure hates to waste clear blue skies and nice conditions on resting but he is an old fart and needs to do it. His attitude is resting is a waste of good trying to have tooooo much fun time.

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