Heavy Foliage


G Rock meets Saltwater

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 25, 2019

The OFM spent a lot of last night until early this morning getting out of bed to mop up water from a roof leak. It was a very tiring night. The good news is we found a spot that looked like a fresh tree limb bite on some caulk. It has now been caulked.

Then we got to do some fishing and tour guiding for G Rock.  The winds were very high most all day and the fishing was tough. So the OFM swapped to tour guide duty for G Rock.

The first place was the foot of the fishing groin at the Rockport Harbor. G Rock hopped up on a view point to see what was what as the OFM explained about saltwater, tides and fishing. G Rock was impressed and ready to get busy fishing.

Then we went to the harbor entrance so G Rock could get the feel of the area. G Rock hopped up on a piling and was having a blast looking at everything. G Rock was really impressed with the suicidal dives of the pelicans into the water. Then the OFM fished a little bit but had no luck at all.

As we toured a bit more of the road and groins in the area a large bird landed close by and G Rock dived into the OFM’s pocket and peeped out over the top of the pocket to see what that monster bird was going to do.  The OFM told G Rock that the bird just stopped by to see if we were ready to donate some food for it to eat. Since we like wild things to stay wild the OFM does not feed wild animals.

Later after we returned to the Castle and the new caulking was examined and passed inspection we meandered the campground a bit. There was some new flowers blooming so they volunteered to be the picture of honor for tonight.

Sure enough we ran into another old friend at the Whataburger tonight and got to visit for about 45 minutes. She caught us up on  lot of things that happened during our time away from the area.

G Rock suggested we head to the Castle and rest after this very busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun. All the team members agreed to that suggestion.

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