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Ray Wrestling

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 29, 2019

As the OFM Fishing Team meandered onto the pier this morning we noticed a full time rver headed out to sea. It was all packed up and ready for adventures. It was definitely making tracks.

Since we were there for fishing and the weather was very nice naturally there is a few fish pictures. We went back and forth all day and had fish action most of the day. Here are the first three fish caught.


This was first and very vigorous in its efforts to reel the OFM in. 

A few minutes later this 18“ skipjack hit a surface hard plastic fishing plug and the big fight was on. A lot of jumping and aerial acrobatics ensued before the fish was landed. Getting a picture was hard because the fish never stopped jumping around. Finally it was deposited back into the bay.

Then the last fish photographed was the third for the morning. It was another speckled trout. 

A little later the OFM had a major hit on his lure.  Drag pulled out for a long ways and the fight lasted several minutes before the OFM found out he was hooked to a ray of some sort. After looking on Google we think is was a manta ray due to the “horns" on its head.The ray was not giving up and the OFM did not want to attempt to manhandle a 24“ across ray with his bare hands while balanced on loose, wet, mossy boulders while unhooking the ray. So a mighty tug was made to break the line and the ray swam off to tell its kids about the big fight. The OFM did not get a picture. He was too busy handling the rod and staying upright.

On the way onto the pier the OFM stopped to get this picture of a rock and grasses in the water at the Rockport Beach. We think it makes a nice scene.

After a full day of fishing, manta ray wrestling and hot temperatures the OFM is pretty sure he came close again to having tooooo much fun.

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