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A Little Fishing

Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake SP, Tx
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Adventure Date: October 2, 2019

After posting the blog this morning the OFM decided he wanted to try some fishing for the first time in five months. So he unlimbered the short rod, added a spinning reel and a lure and away we went. He chose a parking spot close to the rest rooms, drinking fountains and the easy walking.

On the very first cast the lure hit the water and absolutely nothing bothered it all the way back to the rod. But on the next cast the same thing happened. However it was a very pretty day and the pictures came out well as you will soon see.

It was a successful fishing trip since the OFM found two new circle hooks and two nice lead weights he will be able to use in a few weeks.

This next picture is what you see when launching your boat at the boat ramp. It is a pretty finger of the lake.

That is part of the large island attached to the main part of the park. It is open to tent camping if you carry all your stuff into the area. No motor vehicles are allowed. From the map we read there is over 2 miles of trails on the island and many camp sites. The OFM forgot to take a picture or four on the island but here is the bridge you get to cross on your way onto the island.

On around to the left of the bridge on the mainland is another pretty finger of the lake easing its way up into some of the camping area. You could camp fairly close to the water and mosquitos if you choose to do so. Not the OFM Teams. 

During our morning meandering on this very still day we saw another angler over there a ways stalking fish. We hope it was a successful stalk. It did make a very nice picture we think.

All the nice  scenery and coolish calm conditions made it a nice time of trying to have tooooo much fun with a fishing rod.

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