Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Moon Shot

Adventure Location: Clyde Tx to Plains, Tx
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Adventure Date: October 7, 2019

The OFM Adventures Teams got going a little later this morning since we planned a short trip today of a little over 150 miles.  But about an hour into the days journey the Teams decided that all the way to Plains was a better idea. And WOW was it ever. More about this tomorrow.

Last night was about six months since the last time the OFM slept at a rest area. Normally he has no trouble but this rest area is right next to the Interstate and vehicles going by seemed to delight in making extra noise. It was not the truckers and others in the rest area.

Before bed time the OFM decided to go out in the night to see where the extra noise was coming from. The clouds from the front were congregating and the partial moon was fighting for a chance to shine. The OFM tried to take hand held shots of long exposures to get some great photos. The best of the bunch is shown here.

While he was out in the night he stepped into the rest area street and took a picture of the “carnival lights” the vehicles were showing.

But the temps were dropping and the tee shirt was not enough clothing so it was quickly back inside the Castle. The OFM decided it was time for bed and a few minutes later the splatter slam of huge rain drops in great quantity and velocity engulfed the Castle.

The OFM looked out the bath room window on the back of the Castle and could see the rain drops splashing in the run off from the rest area road. So he grabbed the camera and grabbed a few shots to see what they would show. Here is the best one. The runoff was deep enough the raindrops made some large splashes. It was an interesting picture anyway.

After going back to bed it turned out to be a fitful night due to all the highway loud noises. Why folks have to blow their LOUD horns to annoy other folks is beyond our comprehension.

Anyway we took a different route to our next destination and had a lot of fun today. The next blog will catch us up and show the really nice place we went to for trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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