Heavy Foliage


Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

Adventure Location: Plains Tx. to Alamogordo, NM.
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Adventure Date: October 10, 2019

A great start to the morning got us rolling at 0745. We quickly picked up 380 west to head into New Mexico. Here is entering NM heading west.

The rolling was easy and traffic light all the way on all the roads. We turned left onto hwy 70 to go through the  mountains around Ruidoso, NM. 

Sierra handled all the situations with nary a whimper. Even going through Apache Pass at 7500 feet was a so what as far as Sierra was concerned. Mighty beautiful country up there. reminded the OFM of Idaho. At the other side of the mountains we took a left on hwy 54 and on down to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park.

By 1330 camp was set up and these pictures taken.
From camp to the north is the mouth of Dog Canyon.

From camp to the west across the valley.

And lastly from camp to the southeast.

Now we are all set for a long visit with old friends from Rockport.

The weather when we arrived was 80, gentle breeze and wonderfully dry. The OFM purchased the one year pass to the NM state parks for $225. That lets us dry camp in most of the parks for a full year at no more cost. We use the dump station, refill with water and use any other parts of the park except the electric. For electric at a site we have to pay $4 a day additional. The Castle generates its on electricity with the solar panels so we expect to skip that charge. $225 a year for camping in a park is pretty good.

Our old friend from Rockport has stopped by for a visit already and we had a great gabfest. Yep we are  working on trying to have tooooo much fun with great vigor.

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