Yellow Swamp Tree


Turtle Beach

Adventure Location: Denver City, Tx.
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Adventure Date: October 9, 2019

Tonight is the last night here at this wonderful free camping location. Tomorrow we roll on to Roswell and see where we end up for the cold front. The Castle and Sierra will be coupled this evening and ready to roll early in the morning. 

We have been having very high winds this afternoon and they are predicted for tomorrow afternoon. We want to be long gone when the wind on the plains get moving again. With a little luck we will be on the other side of the Sacramento Mountains by noon.

While walking this afternoon the Teams meandered down by the park pond. Naturally the herd of ducks came running to beg food. The OFM just kept on walking, but the head duck closed in closer. Here is its picture.

When some folks with a small boy and a bag of chips showed up the ducks hurried right on over to a better prospect. Yep the boy got a kick out of feeding them.

The OFM man meandered on around the pond a little further and there it was. Turtle Beach with a nice collection of turtles piddling around.

After taking a few pictures and looking for other opportunities to waste electrons, the Teams started the uphill  trek back to the Castle. On arrival back the OFM checked tire pressures and topped off two of Sierra’s tires. 

That puts us ready to head to new places for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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