Yellow Swamp Tree


Screaming Rock

Adventure Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM
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Adventure Date: October 17, 2019

Tonight the pictures and adventures come from four different meanders in the desert.

On this meander the OFM found a bath tub near a fence at the gate to the Oliver Lee ranch house. Then a couple of days later the OFM tried to show Brian the tub and could not find it again. It is amazing how inanimate objects in the desert can move around at night.

It was likely used as a watering trough at one time.

Another time the sunset was pretty nice and different than the normal ones we were used to. In this one the sun seems to be funneled by the mountains to our west. It was more like spot lights shining up. We liked it anyway.

Now we come to the mystery mine in the side of the mountain. This was taken from the base of the mountain where the long MEAN trail starts. Notice the square hole in the rock. It looks like a mine to us.

The OFM did a 20X telephoto hand held attempt at a picture. To everyones surprise it came out pretty well. Now it looks even more like a mine in our opinion.

So the OFM went into the visitor center to see what kind of a mine it was. A park person told the OFM it was really just a natural formed cave and only went back into the mountain a few feet. The OFM has to take his word on it since there is no way the OFM can make the climb up to it. It sure had the Teams fooled.

On another desert hike we found this rock about the size of a human head. Check  out the face molded into the rock. It looks like it is screaming in agony to us.

We have been here seven days now and it has been a busy time of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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